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Meet Paloma

Paloma Cervantes shaman curanderismoI do not like to talk about myself, but I imagine you’re curious to know ‘who is Paloma?’ The Spiritual Path was not “my calling”. My mother pushed me in this direction. “You’re going to Thursday’s meditation or else.”

From my mother I learned all sorts of spiritual, healing and metaphysical modalities that you can imagine. I was her guinea pig, her experiment and her companion in all her spiritual adventures.

After a time, the Mayan Indians of my town in Quintana Roo, México, saw in me a potential I did not know I had. I was “forced” to break some sort of bad omen in an Indian from my town. I had no idea what to do but I was afraid for my safety. What if I couldn’t do anything? What are the Indians going to do with me? If you want to see the detail story please check my video “How to choose your spiritual path?” To my surprise the ritual was successful. I am so grateful for that. Now you know how it all began.

Many moons ago I obtained permission to share the teachings learned from my mentor, a Mexican Shaman or Curandero trained in the traditional way, in order to keep alive the tradition. When he decided to retire he left me in charge of the practice and classes.Curanderismo

The Mexican Shamans or Curanderos do not call themselves in this way. They are called “People of Wisdom” in their native language. In Spanish and now in other languages the words Mexican Shaman or Curandero are the most used. One becomes a “Person of Wisdom” or Curandero after years of training and accumulating experiences. At some point in the training the teacher decides when the student is ready to perform the work.

I have many years of being the assistant, helper, apprentice and substitute of my mentor. Although when I compare myself to him; I do not consider myself a Curandera, a Mexican Shaman or a “Person of Wisdom” the people around me, call me “La Curandera”. When my mentor decided to dedicate his spiritual practice only for himself, he gave me the honor and responsibility to carry on his mission, to keep alive our tradition. My learning continues and will do so forever. My mentor says that life is an endless lesson and it is up to us if we want to learn or not.

To merge the knowledge of the past with modern life is what I call Curanderismo or Modern Curanderismo…. And why not? We can combine the best of both worlds. That is my passion. I would like to share how I learned to combine both worlds. If I am sick I will take my medication plus I will have a healing ceremony. In fact, we should combine everything that is helpful and don’t label it or judge it….just live it and enjoy it. Like it was done in ancient times.

So, this is me, “The one who walks among worlds” and that is one of the nicknames that my mentor gave me. He says that I walk in the ancient, modern and spirit world and at the same time I walk in this reality.

I do not live in Mexico anymore. Beautiful California is my home.


Paloma Cervantes shamanism and curanderismo